Learn About a Reputable Engineering Company

North Star Systems, Inc., was founded in 1997 by the former management team of SRT Electro-Optics, Inc., a subsidiary of Southern Research, to serve commercial, industrial, and defense clients.

North Star is focused on solving challenging problems for our customers to make them successful.

Our Skilled Crew

Based in Birmingham, AL, our company is a Small Business with a responsive, experienced team of dedicated individuals. We have talented engineers and technicians with experience in such R&D areas as:

  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Embedded System Software
  • Electro-Optics
  • Servo Controls
  • Video Signal Processing

A Sampling of Projects We Have Accomplished

Our personnel have developed:

  • Video Recording Equipment Controllers
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of a System to Enhance Reliability of Nuclear Power Generation
  • SBIR project - Infrared Target Collection System
  • Next Generation Airborne Retardant Dispensing Controls
  • Control Electronics for Ultrasonic Welding
  • Image Target Tracking with Auto Detection
  • Small & Medium Caliber Remote Weapon Systems
  • High Speed Telemetry Recording

Our Team’s Broad Experience

Our engineers have been contributors to aerospace and defense programs for more than 30 years. We have designed electronics, software, and firmware for missiles, ground vehicles, ships, aircraft, and test systems.

We have experience in the following areas:

  • US Army's Integrated Sensor Architecture (ISA)
  • MISB Standards for Metadata in Video
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility/Vulnerability
  • Visible thru Longwave Infrared Video Cameras
  • Line-of-Sight Stabilization
  • Video Target Detection and Tracking
  • Gimbal Design
  • Analog and Digital Servo Controls
  • High Speed Digital Video Electronics
  • Fiber-Optic Video/Communications Links
  • Laser Rangefinders, Zoom Lenses, IR Lenses
  • Marinization (Materials and Component Selection for Marine Environment)
  • Ballistic Algorithms
  • Remote Weapon Systems
  • Digital Data Recorders
  • Fire Retardant Dispensing Systems
  • Gun Control Units (GCUs)
  • System Development
  • Concept Design
  • Trade-Studies
  • Prototype Hardware Development
  • Transition-to-Production
  • Production
  • Live-Fire Tests (Missiles and Guns)

The skilled engineers at our company have developed controls (hardware and software) for the following:

  • Video Recorders
  • Video Editing Equipment
  • Ultrasonic Tools
  • TV Cameras
  • Wired and Wireless (RF 900MHz and 2.5GHz) Data Links
  • Solid-State, High-Speed Serial Data Recorders

As an example, we have assisted a customer with developing a wireless audio transceiver system. It’s a secure, frequency-hopping communication link that transmits and receives five audio channels simultaneously. This system is based on a state-of-the-art digital signal processor, which handles audio digitizing (input), mixing, compression/decompression, and audio playback (output).

We have been involved in the transition-to-production of the following:

  • Remote Weapon Stations
  • Commercial Video Recording and Digital Editing Equipment
  • Welding-Industry Machine Tools
  • Air-Tanker Constant-Flow Controller for Firefighting Applications
  • Airborne Gimbals
  • Video Trackers
  • Commercial RF Communications Equipment
  • Fiber-Optic Data Inks

Our team is knowledgeable about the necessary factors for:

  • Taking a Prototype Into Production
  • Developing Production Test Equipment
  • Routing Sheets
  • Accepting Test Procedures
  • Procuring, Inspecting, and Controlling Parts,
  • Executing In-Process Inspections
  • Performing Quality Assurance Documentation and Configuration Management
  • Delivering a High-Quality Product

We have helped several customers redesign, upgrade, or replace existing products with equivalent items using newer electronic hardware and software. An example is the Timing and Control Board for the Esonix Ultrasonic Impact Generator. We also designed a programmable flow controller to be a form-fit-function replacement for an older system. Our team added many new features, such as user-programmability while installing the units.