Engineering for the 21st Century

We create cutting-edge technology.

Engineering for the 21st Century

We create cutting-edge technology.


Serving the Aerospace, Defense, and Commercial Industries

North Star Systems Inc provides engineering services for the design and development of high-technology products for industrial, aerospace and defense customers. We also manufacture products with applications including:

  • Servo Control
  • Image processing
  • Defense System LRUs
  • Line-of-Sight Stabilization
  • Target Tracking
  • Fire Control

Our Team’s Background

Founded in 1997, our company has an outstanding crew of experienced engineering professionals with varying degrees from bachelor’s to doctorates in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. We come from a background of cutting edge design and development in:

  • Embedded Software
  • Telemetry
  • Visible & Infrared Imaging
  • Airborne Instrumentation
  • Realtime MICR and OCR
  • Database Design
  • Precision Analog Electronics
  • Imaging Target Tracking
  • Servo Controls
  • Imaging Guidance Units

Our Specialties

  • Realtime Image Processing
  • Servo Inertial Stabilization
  • Fire Control Systems
  • Controls for Airborne Fire Retardant Dispensing
  • Embedded Software Systems
  • Custom Electronics Design

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